BE ---The Final Year

I guess I am in BE. Not a great thing to be in.

Its the final year of my engineering.
So what I learned in my engineering career.
In one word "BULLSHIT".
That's right, its all the same mugging, mugging and wait more mugging. However this time I have made cool new friends .
In addition I have mastered the art of faking.In Vivas even if u don't know anything just smile.Man I smile a Lot during Vivas.........


  1. hey dude you will realise that u dint even learn a chiken shit when u join your first job..:)hhehe all the best:)

  2. Do the subjects you like very sincerely. That'll make you feel good about what you are doing. I agree there would be many shitty subjects, but then, its a package deal! :)
    Relax, best of luck for your vivas!

  3. Smile? I laugh like crazy during the vivas-and especially with the externs coming to bajao us, it gets even more whacky!!


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