Everybody Lies - A case for Meditation and HeadSpace


Everybody Lies. A famous quote from one of my favourite TV series called House MD. Am I living a lie? All the news on T.V. is it all true?

The fair girl

The IT life is monotonous. You tend to sit in front of a computer and type things to create Excel sheets, code, more sheets, more code etc. So to break this I blog often, so that when I look back I remember events, things and most important people that I met in my life.

So here is someone worth mentioning.

Then one day, there is this new girl in office.
 Ok she is pretty. We all heard rumors about her even before she joined. Guys chat like girls in these cases and this spreads like wildfire and suddenly everybody knows about this new girl. 

The day she joined, I don't notice her. Maybe I am too busy with my computer watching CODE. Ya I was watching code and so I don't see her when she enters in the morning. 

Then in the afternoon I look at her and almost fall of my chair. The rumors are true. My friend who is sitting next to me who happens to be a girl laughs at my antics. I explain it to her that it is programmed in human beings and she did the same when a white firangi manager walked passed our cubicle. This friend minds her own business now.

The fair girl seems tall. She seems to be searching something. Just then my manager takes me to a meeting. Questions: Where does she stay? How old is she?  keep on popping inside my head.

She boards the company bus in the evening. I convince my friend (the same girl) to talk to her but she declines. Girls are jealous creatures. Next day she talks to her. The fair girl plans to do an MBA. I feel like .... 

Months pass by. The fair girl becomes my friend. Bad luck, she already seeing someone. Damn it, I say in my mind. I don't like her that much now. The girl becomes a good friend since my stupid liking is out of the way. 

The fair girl is spontaneous. She is funny and yet really fair. She is a good dancer too. The fair girl becomes my agony aunt. She is younger then me and offers me advice about relationships. I listen to her continuous innocent talks. She can keep on talking till the world ends. 

She decides to quit the company and do her MBA. We have a blast at her send -off. She goes ...
She finds new friends there. She seems happy. I wish her all the best and I know that she needs to work really hard there. She needs to stay focused on her career.

How to UNPYAR (UNLOVE the person you once loved)


broken_heart_valentine_dayAccording to Wikipedia, Love is defined as:
Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.

According to me,
UnLove or UnPyar is a process of being independent and getting out of Love.