Everybody Lies - A case for Meditation and HeadSpace


Everybody Lies. A famous quote from one of my favourite TV series called House MD. Am I living a lie? All the news on T.V. is it all true?

Things are not always as it seems. The problem is that my wonderful mind is my greatest enemy. All my life I am searching for something. I can relate to Neo (Keanu Reeves in matrix) in some weird way.

My brain is not just another muscle in my human body. It always tries to make sense of things around it. It tries to keep itself alive and in turn keeps me (an organism) alive. It is strange that I am affected by people whom I never met before.  To feel for people who are made to leave their homes due to war.
Yes I have the power of empathy. But technically I have not and hopefully would not be subjected to such a degree of human suffering.

Wars, Countries, People, Facts, the Truth – I feel that the keyboard which I am typing exists because I can feel it. Medical Science has proved otherwise that you can be conditioned to feel some contact.
So what is the truth? I ask myself. Since I cannot be sure of anything, even my existence (try watching the movie SourceCode) how do I believe anything what I see or feel?
Meditation holds the key. It tries not to interpret things just concentrates on experiences and then these very experiences pass.

We are shaped by our upbringing and experiences. Sadly for the last 26 years of my life I have been running behind money. The funny part is I still don’t have so much money that will make me happy. So as a fact if since I have already given so much time in pursuing something which I would never have, I guess I have hit a dead end. I won’t pursue it anymore or like to not pursue it.
So what do you do? You see everyone running behind something or someone. I am no saint, yet somehow I believe that I am on to something here. I have been listening to a lot of scriptures, books, online videos but I am utterly dissatisfied.  This does not mean I am running from my problems because I now realize they would be there with me; till I die.

If things outside me are making me miserable, that things inside me can make me happy.  If I can control my reactions to people, things and events I would gain control. But again if I see nature, everything seems to be uncontrolled. So inadvertently I should not seek to gain this control.
So what am I supposed to do? Should I stay back and relax? Yet the answer which seems absurd and utterly foolish might be it. The answers to the greatest problems have all been simple.

 Five sensory organs:  Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and Skin. In short all these are lying to me in parts or sometimes together. Meditation nullifies their existence. It feels like I am floating when I meditate. But the objective of meditation is not to feel but to let everything pass.
Should I blame God for this? If I blame him I would justify his existence and if I don’t would he come down and answer my questions?


What are then the duties of a God?  Frankly I might be bored to see everyone, every day.

Multiply it with 6 billion plus humans and not to forget the animals as God looks after them too.  Yes God is divine.

 If we are created by him so we should be perfect. But we feel we hardly are perfect. We have issues with our bodies and everything else.

We made computers but we still have not fully understood ourselves. Scientists are trying hard to find out what makes us Conscious? What makes us special? Where are aliens?
But for me just understanding not to understand would be a greatest achievement. I would not be a slave of the fourth dimension time. Time and Tide wait for no man. I am not telling them to wait, but watching them as a passive observer as they pass me and make no sound.

Google Meditation and you might find something tangible and real. Yes but know this “Even Google Lies. “

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