How to UNPYAR (UNLOVE the person you once loved)

broken_heart_valentine_dayAccording to Wikipedia, Love is defined as:
Love is an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.

According to me,
UnLove or UnPyar is a process of being independent and getting out of Love.

So lets focus on emotion of strong affection part of love.

The person who you Love maybe :
1. Taking advantage of you
2. Abusing you
3. Is with someone else
4.  Say that you are not worth loving

We all have been on the receiving end. to get out of Love is not an easy feat. You have to try really hard.
It starts from being independent.

The immediate impact of a heartbreak is
1. You are devastated
2. You cannot think of anything else

So the first thing you can do is not think about it. You should change your routine which once involved the person you once loved.

So I decided to take up physical fitness. At least something is better than nothing.

But the real truth is somewhere down the line she exists and just won't go away.

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