Me and Myself..

Inspired by Aditi I will try to write something about myself....

First of all I am really a emotional person, gets hurt easily. But I hardly show it to people, I guess that's my strength. I love helping others and my constant effort goes in doing good. But people doubt my intentions many times, maybe they are not used to someone doing something good for them.

I really hate people who are jealous. I don't know but that is the only thing that makes me angry.

I can't remember my last fight though maybe about 10 years ago I thrashed a guy called Bhushan in my class back in school days and made him sit inside a thrash can. But after that I hardly had a fight with anyone else, all rest, were just petty fights.

I love people. I believe making friends wherever I go. But I trust only a few. I will call myself and extrovert. I do have a great sense of Humor and I am a Dreamer. I can dream anytime in a day for minutes at a stretch.

I am a bit thin but highly energetic, I hardly get tired I don't know the reason for this. I wake up early and go for jogging and then sleep again ! That's silly I know bit it has become a routine.

One thing I can do without is MUSIC. I love trance, hip hop and sometimes soft Indian love songs.

Sometimes I ponder why did I did some many mistakes and how others managed to hurt me.  But I have a secret place where I can just forget everything. Its the most beautiful place in the world.

With regards to love, I know nothing about it. Just minor crushes. I do have friends who are girls but I tend to treat them as boys. They get so angry with me.

Plus I am a bit spiritual.....I do believe in HIM........


  1. hey
    well the things u wrote in thr, r so like me,:P
    plzz teme the place u were talkin of. cz right now i really wana get rid of some stuff in my head and forget it. plzz

  2. Hey Aditi just find a place away from people ,gadgets and noise.For me that place is the Garden which is very near to my house .Whenever I am depressed I go there .Sometimes even at 5:30 am .....Make sure you don't think of anything that will hurt you.Just think of all the happy moments one by one.You can do this early in the morning so that u r entire day goes well...Take care....

  3. .....and i thought i was different :D
    Just chanced upon your blog! Liked it!
    And- a lot of this matches with me. Specially the dreamer thing!!


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