Sending OFF!!!

Its bye bye to ENGINEERING now.Just 1 month more and I will be ready for the big mean world.That's what most of my friends say.

But is the world mean ? I guess maybe .I am ready for it.I always wanted to be a computer engineer right from sixth standard.That dream is going to be a reality now!!

One dream over, many more to go.I made really good friends .I am a bit Mature now!!!

Now there is something called send off.As if its gonna matter !! I know the very good friends I made are never going to leave me ,for the rest of my life.Send off is just for those people basically classmates who never existed for you ,(but still you decided to be nice to them),its a nice way to say bye.


Some take this as the last opportunity to look good.Man I have to wear my suite in summer! Four layers of clothing and for what?


  1. Congratulations! :)
    Godspeed for the journey of life that has (believe it or not) just begun! :)


Thank you for reading.