In my childhood I really hated the woman called "EVE". Eve tempted ADAM to sin, so she was to be blamed, for the work given to as punishment here on Earth. How would I have enjoyed PARADISE. But that was way back in the first standard!! I really don't hate EVE now.

I went to a convent school "ST Joseph's High School (VIKHROLI)". Being part of a COED school, I was dealing with members of the opposite sex quite frequently, much to my liking . To me girls were too dumb and I spent my entire primary education teasing or pulling their hair.

I still don't understand why I did it, maybe I knew that I could easily get away with it .But one day, I heard from my friend, that all the girls were planning to punish me in school by deciding to get together in Recess and bash me up for good. Imagine a group of 30 girls coming at you at once, what can one do????. So I just sat the entire day in class not venturing out during recess, avoiding my ultimate humiliation. I continued this routine for one week flat, till I was safe .

Then came the secondary part of my school education. I was shocked to see big tall boys and girls, the first day .
To them I thought, I was just a dwarf. This feeling was unknown to me.
I decided to survive I needed a group, so I started looking for friends. To my utter surprise the same girls who I used to tease and humiliate came forward to help me.

They were my first friends in secondary.
My attitude towards them changed entirely. I did have male friends, but more female friends.
Then came college, ST.Xavier's Mumbai to be exact. My two years there were the best part of my life.I spend the entire day roaming Mumbai city, watching movies and of course my favorite activity to attend lectures drunk( I did it only one time). In Xavier's the class had 70% girls. For no reason, I loved it.

Then I had a crush for this girl, proposed to her, she accepted it, we both enjoyed each others company, she became possessive, I left her(actually it was the other way round, but to feel better I just say the opposite). This happened quite a few times in the span of these two years.

In engineering there were hardly any girls. Those present were just too mean, too idiotic and had no taste for fashion at all.

Finally I did made some friends who happened to be girls in the second year.
These were the chosen few with whom I could talk freely .I still remember those I met in Xavier's, they were just so HOT!

I still wont understand the Fairer Sex. They are sometimes too kind and at times they can be really mean.
In order to know the TRUTH about something I go to my GUY friends and to get EMOTIONAL Help ,I go to my girl friends........


  1. true! its as hard for guys to understand girls as it is for us to understand guys!


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