Get over It !!

It seems a majority of the people around me are hurting. They all been unsuccessful in love.
When you breakup, the first thing you shouldn't do is think about it. I learnt it from my very close friend. You should do something else that really engages your mind. Maybe shopping for girls or playing an outdoor game like football for boys can be a good starting point. Be aware what your thinking.
Secondly learn to forgive. I believe it starts by just forgiving the one person that matters the most: YOU. We all make mistakes that's human. Just think about it, if everybody got their perfect match in first try, all nice girls might go to the stupid boys who are broke, poor and indecent.

Love and recognition is all we crave for. I would surely be a pure hypocrite if I say that a breakup never hurt me, because it does. It takes practice. Learn from every breakup. That's my Funda. It will hurt a day or two, but if you don't recover from it say even after a month, its time to get help. Help maybe from your close friends or family members (please keep out parents, they don't need to know).

Love someone who loves You for the person You are. Who forgives your mistakes, takes care of you and is a good human being......and the one who broke your heart, tell him to ...................(Fill as appropriate).


Thank you for reading.