I am 23

"Oh my God I will be late to work!" The first thought that came to my mind when I woke up today at 7:30 am. My bus to work leaves at 8:30 am sharp.

As I was brushing my teeth, I was also bathing. Multitasking in a weird way. Then came the breakfast. What I had I don't remember.

Now I got into my formal clothes and made a dash to the share auto-rickshaw stand.
Just before reaching the station,  I see the train which I supposed to take reaching the station. I run like a mad man.

As I manage to enter the train. Thankfully in the morning there is no rush. I am out of breadth. Then it hits me, it hits me hard!!

I am getting unhealthier every day. I used to run so fast. Now I run like a snail. So I am getting older. I am 23. No I am not that old, but I am slowly becoming weak. Thank God today I ran. It showed me my weakness.


Thank you for reading.