Dream Sequence

Mtrix or Dream
It is really frustrating when you had a terrific dream last night and you just can't remember it today. I had so many of these dreams, but what I remember is the nightmares to be honest.

My nightmares are the typical ones that people have: failing in exams, falling from a cliff and missing the train when you want to reach someplace urgently. However I don't seem to remember any good dreams.

So, I was trying hard to make sense of it all(not that I had nothing better to do, but was just curious). I researched on the internet, found cool links to Sigmund Freud books and so on. I decided that this time, I would remember my dream no matter what.

Then I had this dream, where I learnt how Superman flies. I was pondering over this my entire childhood and the answer gets revealed to me in a dream. What Superman does is that he breathes very hard, like I did in my dream. The dream sequence lasted only twenty seconds. Then came the reality and it hit me hard.

Nonetheless it got me pondering. Why the hell we have dreams? Don't tell me that the crap that when we sleep our brains are still active and all.

Then I started day dreaming. I don't know what happened I just thought of something and thought of it for 10 minutes, non-stop.

Do we live in reality or we still are in a dream. Our minds are too complex. Thank God, we use it not to its full capacity.


  1. Is it real or are we in the matrix? :)

  2. I read somewhere that it was a 30% chance that our reality is a Matrix!!


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