And she is gone

And now she is gone,
Never to come back,
Wished she could stay,
But now I can’t change that.

She is now far away,
Seven seas between us,
But still I feel her,
In every thought and unseen words.

I feel no hunger nor thirst,
Yet must live to see her happy,
If only I was and did something,
Things could have been so different.

And since she is gone,
I feel lost and broken,
I just want one thing now,
That she remains happy and content.


  1. hey sundeep...long time...I hope this poem is not about you. It was pretty sad. :(

  2. nevr knw dude, 'SHE' may b singin d same poem using He!..;)

  3. I liked V iZ d nEw ME..!'s comment.

    Nice poem.


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