Exam Fever is on................

Exams are crucial part of my life .Right from nursery I have been giving so many exams that I lost count.
Engineering exams are different.Only the muggers get the best marks.There is no room for talent.
I will be away from my blogs for atleast one and a half months.............


  1. Oh, cool. I just noticed the banner at the top of your page is from the lord of the rings lol.
    Yes I am happier then I was a while back :) Hope everything is going good for you.

  2. I love the look of your blog.
    I got confused and subscribed to your video blog. Will be more frequent now! :)

  3. heartof roses> Good to see you back on track.

    IRA> Sorry for not postng regularly.I assure you it will be more frequent from now onwards.


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