Death is it Real?

Everyone has to die ,some day or the other

That's one of my aunties used to say, until she died recently.

Is death real? If it is then why both you and me have so much attachment to ourlives.We are gonna die anyways, so why we love ourselves?

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  1. I met with a really bad accident today. Our car hit the divider, fell on aside and then got over turned. The windscreen smashed and so did my window cause the car fell on my side! Each time I heard the loud 'bang'! I wondered if this is how it felt like to die.
    I'm lucky to be ok!
    Learnt to always use the seat belt and to live each moment with justice!
    Yeah, we all gotta die. Thats not whats imp. its the moments we lived that matter! :)
    take care
    I hope you're fine...


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