Rock concert.............Iron Maiden in Mumbai.........

I have never been to a rock concert before .I also skipped Beyounce and Shakira when they arrived here in Mumbai.(You probably think I am a fool, as my friend always gets free passes for all concerts in India).

In the pic above you can see one of the pre IRON MAIDEN performances.The girl on the extreme right is the daughter of one of the guitarists.

In the above video you can see the IRON MAIDEN skeleton. The videos were shot by a NOKIA cell by my friend so please be patient with the clarity of the videos.

" Hallowed be Thy Name " was the last song played.

Something strange happened last night .The drumsticks which were thrown after the performance flew straight and hit my friend's Face .That started something called Mosfet and my friend was right in the center of it.Poor champ Got so many punches in the gut.He then threw the drumsticks somewhere far.

Please Standby for more pictures.

Next Stop MEGADEATH : BANGALORE..........................

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  1. Wow! mustav been fun! I'm not a rock fan, but I went for Great Indian Rock Show last year and absolutely loved it. Iron Maiden is BIG!!


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