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It seems so weird when you met someone, somewhere and you don't know that person actually but you feel that you have know him/her for eternity.,

As usual I had to wait for a local train this morning. The train was late as usual so I had to wait good ten minutes for the train, so I had ample of free time I guess. Then something happened ......

I saw a pretty girl on the next platform probably my age. She was so beautiful. I use the word beautiful because she was not what you called today...(HOT), she was just beautiful.
The next moment, she saw me.

Time stopped when our eyes met.
What was she thinking?
Hell what was I thinking, where am I?
The next moment the train arrived.Why ? .
Damn it trains are never late when you want them to be late!


  1. hah!
    Besta luck dude! :)
    Now, are you gonna go to the train station evryday at that time to get another glimpse...or will you put up bill boards!!??
    I saw a movie yesterday which was based on this...!

    ps: he found her eventually! :) hope you do too..!

  2. lol...nice post...hope u find her soon


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