Holi hi Hai'''''''''''''Part 1

Holi this year was completely different . For the first time I decided to celebrate Holi with by neighbourhood friends.I have tried mybest notto reveal anyone's identity.
So here it goes:-

I woke up at 8.00 pm on saturday .I don't remember when I went to sleep. However I remember what I did in the morning and the day before.
On Friday, I joined the organising commitee.(Nobody in our locality likes to organise any events, except some young guns like me and two men in their 40's , I would call them Mr.P and Mr.S.)
We went fetching for dry wood late in the evening .We got lucky we found some bamboos and we used them wisely.Its damn diffcult to get wood on Holi day.
On Saturday we woke up early.P and S prepared Bhaang which they claimed to be Best.
Then the music started at 11.00 am .The first song was a remake of Kaanta Laga. But it was totally different from the original .It went like this :-
" Aage se daala , Tune Pheche Se daala, aare piya,(then there was a big pause)
(I was praying no one heard it,if they did ,they would surely won't come to play Holi.)
Raang Daala, Haaye Daala".(Thank God)."

Part two coming shortly.


  1. I was in Chennai for Pongal but I've heard Holi is crazy and a lot of fun!

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