Change That is slowly Killing Me

I am 21 years old and I know ,I can't grow physically anymore.But mentally I now I am strong, at each step I am learning .Maybe that's because I have started thinking from my FRONTAL LOBE instead of my AMYGDALA part of my brain.
Recent days have brought a sudden change in me.I really don't know why I am changing.....Since childhood I had a strong person residing in my soul.But suddenly that person has killed the shy person that I was, till a month back.
I hope this new person does take over my entire personality.But I know he will one or the other.............


  1. Being confident is GOOD, although I am dead against one losing ones essence which might be in the form of innocence or shyness.
    It happened with me, I would NEVER want it to happen with someone else. Feels good for a while, but you always go back to missing the person you originally were.

  2. what do u think of this change? do u think its a positive one?? It seems to be. But dont lose ur true self in the process


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