The secret of My Happiness

I still remember some events ,when I was a small child.Little things like looking at a plastic ball or a small pebble in a garden made me happy.As I grew up, I started ignoring those small things in my life.I stared ignoring them so much that I forgot that they even existed.
That made me sad.The challenges of behaving like an adult made me sad.I was not at all happy.I went through a really depressing period.I felt there was no one in this world that wanted me,not even my family.
Then all of sudden when I was in the all time high in my sadness ,something wonderful happened.That incident changed my life.
" I was just walking in the garden ,when I saw a ragpicker.You know those poor people who search the dustbins for plastics and food,which we tend to ignore most of the time.He seemed happy, I don't know why.Certainly I was much better off and well educated still I was not content in my life .Then
suddenly I realized the truth :
I was not happy because I did not think I was happy
Sounds confusing doesn't it?

But its true........

Just give it a try and think one of the most happiest moment in your life.Now close your eyes for 2 minutes,feel that moment.See you are happy.

Thus each one of us ,has the keys for his/her happiness .

Happy thoughts lead to a happy person .One happy thought can bring another happy thought.So you can now make a chain of happy thoughts.So be happy and keep smiling.I am so happy that someone ,somewhere is reading my blog just now.THANK YOU DEAR READERand always keep smiling.


  1. its true..sometimes we find happiness in the smallest of things.

  2. Thanks!
    for reminding us about the little happy things in life!
    Take Care!

  3. i always say, happiness is in d mind....u just hav to realise it!:)


Thank you for reading.