The search is OVER................

When we grow older ,we loose the ability to see the things the way they really are.We see everything based on our assumptions and stereotypes.Which is not the best thing to do.

For a small child everything is new and fresh.That makes him/her happy.Telling yourself that tomorrow will be better according to me is not a lie,its perfectly normal.

For me each day passed was a memorable dream .The present is always beautiful for me no matter what.The future has its secrets and hidden treasures.

Some people live in the past.They keep worrying about their past,so much that they mess up their present and end up having a dull Future.I was one of them until recently.I had to make a choice .I had to decide whether to live in the past or to make amends in the present, so that I may be more happy in the future.

Some people worry about their Future that they forget that they are living in the Present.Both set of people are equally unhappy.

The third set is those who choose to live in the PRESENT.I use the word "choose", because you always have always have a choice.They re the achievers and usually happy people.

I always felt ,money would make me happy.Then again God had to prove me wrong.
The source of my happiness is everything.I am a child again.I see things the way they are.
I am looking forward to each day. Most importantly "I LIVE IN THE PRESENT".

Its important to remember.:--------------

"The Past is History, The Future is a Mystery , but The PRESENT Is a GIFT"

---Kunfu Panda The Movie(2008)......


  1. very nicely written..
    only if more n more people realised this, the world would be such a happier place to LIVE in, which is precisely what we're here for. Right?

  2. asolutely pal, if u can live in d present, nothing like it:)

  3. while reading ur post, i realised how I've always been worried about the future or at times, upset about the past. Maybe its time for me to change that....


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