Happy friendship Day..............

Its that time of the year ,when we actually take time to thank those special people who had made a difference in our lives.Without friends we are incomplete...............

Its human to make friends.Right from the street beggar to the rich business men,all have friends.They have a deep impact in our lives.If you observe closely ,we inherit the qualities and morals of the people close to us.We call this PEER PRESSURE that's the term when u r friends smoke and u feel compelled to try smoking...and stuff like that

God has blessed me with amazing friends.I have inherited all their good qualities and values and some which are bad.Man I don't have any enemies ,I can say that safely.

In school,I made so many friends .However only a few have remained .

In Junior college ( St Xavier's College Mumbai), I had really cool friends ,thanks to Orkut we are still in touch with each other.In DBIT ,that's my Engineering College , I am blessed with Great friends .Man.... its stuff to handle each one of them especially girls.Some of my friends(which happen to be girls) have a bad habit of talking all Bullshit about each other. (character assassination).I really don't like that .

I have made some great blogger friends,people I have never met in my life and there is a good chance I might not be able to meet them in this lifetime .They were absolutely strangers before they started commenting on my blog.Then something strange happened .I felt that I have known them for years.They were and are facing the same problems which were similar to mine.I hope they know that they all are special (ASH ,GUNJ and IRA).They really are strong personalities.It takes courage to declare your worst fears and failures on the Internet.I love you Guys (I mean GIRLS).

PS: I really don't like typing, because I am damn slow.That's why I make spelling mistakes while commenting.


Thank you for reading.