Feel safe no More...

The last couple of days were like hell in Mumbai.All u could here was Death ,terrorists and more violence.Even after all was over on Saturday still the politician fagots were up to there vote bank politics .What happened will continue to happen.I guess future Indian generations will be trained to use guns right from nursery to combat terrorism.

And all that news abt MUMBAI is RESILIENT is just CRAP bcoz we are stupid and scared people .We have no other choice but to forget bcoz we have to work everyday to earn our living.SO GET USED TO TERRORISM.


  1. We all feel unsafe. We're all scared. Its time to do something

  2. i dont feel we are stupid & scared..u hav made a strong comment here which i fear is sumthin absolutely wrong..but i do feel unsafe..

  3. ash>> I guess its OK to be scared

    Nelson>>>>.wow Nelson u found me.........

    God dammit....


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