The year 2009 review

The year 2009 is in the past tense. This year had a lot of positives and bad things.

The world lost Michael Jackson or should I say Mikael Jackson. We all find faults in someone else, in M.J. I did the same. I criticized him so much, that I forgot that he was actually my greatest inspiration. I am sorry, I know it does not matter anymore. I respect you.

Tiger Woods caught in the act
I hated Tiger Woods and those stupid Accenture advertisements. I guess Tiger Woods is a real Tiger, how else can one explain his desire for so many women. The worst part is HE GOT CAUGHT.

Tiger Woods lost his reputation and he won't get it back.

Blogging in India

I have been blogging since 2006 and I have never seen so much enthusiasm in this field. People are blogging about their lives. A word of caution is be careful as everything you write is recorded somwhere.

Twitter and Facebook

Although Twitter is still not used widely in India, India is an important market. Facebook just made Orkut look small, really small. I sorry too say Google folks, but you know it was coming. Orkut was just copying Facebook. Just look at the mess called the New Orkut.

Web as a social medium

The number of visits to Porn sites have reduced tremendously, as people are very interested in what their friends are posting in their status updates. People do everything on the web nowadays. It seems scary as even children who should go out and play in the playground, are actually playing Farmville, Mafia wars or Yoville.

Recession where?

In USA there was recession, elsewhere it was big excuse to fire employees. It changed the world economy as India and China became powerful.

Personal level

I found something I was looking for. It is just overwhelming.

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