The fourth Idiot

I saw The Three Idiots movie recently.
I know it is a bit late, but I follow the rule of 10. I only go to see those movies which
10 people (totally unconnected people) tell me its worth watching. So I went to see it.

Critical Evaluation

The movie was great, if you leave your brain, at home as logically it does not make any sense.
Delivery of a baby with the vacuum cleaner? Whom are you fooling?

The movie is just great to watch with your friends. You shouldn't miss Chatur's speech.
I felt sorry for Chatur. When you are insulted in front of such a huge audience, you do feel hurt and angry. But this happens only in movies. Amir Khan character is just too unrealistic and the wrinkles on his face reveal his age more than once.

The Lesson

I like those movies which help me to think. I know most of us forget about the movie, once we get out of the multiplex. But I don't forget movies that easily. There are many lessons to learn. You can be successful if you do something you like.
This can only happen if Your Work becomes Play!.


  1. Hey!!
    Just came across your blog!!
    It's nice!!
    I agree with your post. The vacuum cleaner thing was no doubt very dumb!! :D But it was a funny movie!! :)
    Take Care!!

  2. I still can't figure out how Kareena Kapoor got a scooty in Ladakh..

  3. Nice review. I have watched the movie but some points which you emphasis went unnoticed like Kareena and scooty. :)

    Happy New Year. :)

  4. Lol !! Critic !!!!!!! :D
    I haven't forgotten guys. It's just that presently, I don't like boys!!!!!!! :)
    Short term phase, don't worry!

  5. I hope this phase is temporary. LOL..


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