What's on T.V.?

T.V. the one thing I loved so much has turned into a monster.

What happened to my 21' baby?

        I remember watching so many shows. I used to watch Baywatch, Charlie's Angels and Batman on Star Plus. Yes you read it right, the now retarded Hindi channel was once a heaven for superb serials like Small Wonder and so on.

I even liked those crazy Chinese serials that used to come on a now non - existent channel Home T.V. Remember serials Surabhi or Superhit Muqabla? Doesn't it ring a bell. These were the only two serials back then and so the quality was so good.

But now see what happened. Rakhi Ka Swayumwar, to add to to that Mahajan Ka Swayumwar, no I even heard people were thinking of Mari Huyee Aatma Ka Swayumwar. I guess I got in from the Sabse Tej News channel Aaj Tak. They even have News Flashes, much before the event actually happens.

No, we have choices. We like watching Roadies were people go to get insulted before the entire nation. You should come to me, I would save you some public humiliation. Raghu talks shit, some contestants are shit.

Wait Dance India Dance, isn't it wonderful? You won't say it, if you had seen an episode of "So you think you can Dance".
Has anybody watched India's Got Talent? Shekhar cries so many times, even Kiran Kher doesn't cry. Sonali Bendre, a judge come on. She is better of posing for some photoshot and stir up a controversy.

People in India still watch Friends, again over and over again.  Come on people when will we learn? We like to use things thrown from America so much. The last episode aired on May 6, 2004. So it has been 5 years, move on.

Have you seen Big Bang theory? Class? Prison Break? or classics like Boy meets World.

Then I can tell you only one thing Grow Up.

It is your life, we see what we are, but it is not necessary who we ought to be.

Thank God, man created VH1 and YouTube.  I have something to hang on to!


  1. Really funny. Happy new year and welcome to my blog.

  2. Thank you Jaggu and I really liked those pictures of the lake.

  3. U r right that these days the serials are not as good as Discover India and Malgudi Days. But some of them can be watched like Jhansi ki Rani, Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and Lapataganj.
    Happy Blogging!:)

  4. Yes I agree thank you so much for reminding me. I almost forgot Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. It is really worth watching.


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