What I read in the papers today

I will admit that I am a newspaper addict. I just cannot live without reading the newspaper. I read The Sunday Times (The Times of India which comes on Sunday) today.


Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor found himself again in a new controversy. I don’t know how he does it. He really finds new innovative ways to get in trouble, either by his tweets on Twitter or commenting on Nehru’s foreign policy. Doesn’t he know that Indian politicians don’t like being corrected?

This made a big headline.

State Advertisements

Today it was Bihar’s turn to shine. Why do states all over the country put advertisements on a national daily, when they are better off diverting those funds in rural employment or education?

I have seen all states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and so on advertise they economic might and infrastructure which is all crap.

Chu Bhagat

I read a Chu Bhagat column. I am bigger chu because I read it. To criticize someone, you need to study that person thoroughly. It is really easy to blame someone else by reading something in the newspaper

Who are you to blame someone else if he is just being sefish?
That Khan is no saint. That Chopra is just making more money.

I hate Chu Bhagat because that Five something book sucked.

You know why it was a hit, because it was an ideal fantasy for students. Getting to close to director’s daughter?
In reality you won’t even go within a 10 m radius.

That is why I hate him. That book sucked, that movie defined logic. I ended up Rs 200 poorer.

Who is a Chu?
 Chu Bhagat or the person who read the book, watched the movie?
 Chu Bhagat just made more money.

Newsflash there is another movie coming up based on Chu Bhagat’s another book. I am watching it at home.


Dead cop on road

A man (a cop) is dying on the road, but no one bothers to help him. Imagine a situation where you are yourself dying on the road and the people you trust the most, your friends or family just ignore you. You know what really kills, not the wounded body but the pain you get inside your heart when people you love let you down. For the cop, the ministers and his fellow cop friends let him down. Don’t we have a heart?

The cop just died bleeding. That is so painful. When we get a small cut by a blade, we cry like babies (I do). The next time you see someone else dying or who really wants help; just picture yourself in his / her position. The courage to help will come automatically.

Ruchika case

Ruchika is dead. We are so good in killing someone else. You remember that Aarushi case don’t you?   

To kill someone we just make that person’s life so hard, that he /she finds it really difficult to live. In Ruchika’s case we blamed her for what happened. In Aarushi’s case we blamed her character after her death and made her personal life public.


Look I have to take something positive from the newspaper, because it affects my entire day. Read something beautiful and see how your day begins on a happy note.

I always read that Mind over Matter column the last because it makes you forget everything you read before (sometimes).  The columns about a Chinese guy and Ruchika’s friend are worth a read.

I can write so much more, but I don’t wish to bore you. Always read the paper. Thank you for taking time to read. Take care and have a nice day.


  1. A thought provoking post indeed! Newspapers should publish some positive news.
    Happy blogging!

  2. wow. U read the papers thoroughly! I havent even touched the newspaper this year! Except the lifestyle sections. I hope u put up more posts like this one. Atleast i'll get to knw wats happening.

  3. The problem is that reading the newspaper has become a habit for me. Its like having breakfast. I will try my best to write posts like this..

  4. Man. I just read the fashion columns :) And sometimes the rest when I have nothing to do :D
    I agree with Ash. Do post more!!


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