The five stages of Love..

You cannot really judge a person, who is in love if you never loved someone before.

The five stages of love are as follows:

Stage 1 : Liking

The stage one begins when you meet that person for the first time.You spend a lot of time together and you always discover something new about that him / her each day.

Then you begin to like him / her.

Stage 2 : Attachment


You then feel a sense of attachment to that person. You feel that person has feelings for you.
When you are with that person, you feel happy.
You just can't wait to meet that person again. Everything he /she does is just awesome.
You mostly neglect friends or talk a lot about that person with your friends.

Stage 3 : Making your feelings known


In this phase, boys and girls behave differently. Girls want boys to propose first. Boys are not sure whether that girl likes him or not.
Most of the boys find it rude when the girl tells him that she likes him. I blame the male ego and the society.
Most boys will say a straight 'NO' to that girl. Not me.

But it takes great courage from boys to tell a girl that you love her. This separates boys from men. There might be many boys going after the same girl, but the girl generally says 'YES' to the one who tries the most. Girls like playing 'Hard to Get'.

Stage 4 : In a relationship

This stage is different for different people. For some, it is the best phase as it feels really,
good to be loved and to know that you have found someone special.

Stage 5  Breakup


Nobody gets the perfect person at the first attempt. There are issues like jealousy, mistrust and pain that creeps in. Suddenly that person who used to make you happy now causes you pain. Some relationships don't work because of caste, creed or money. You just don't see a future in that relationship.
So you decide to break that relationship.

Some people don't take it well. Some go mad (seriously) and others get hurt (mostly).

But you need to move because you have to. Maybe you will be lucky the next time. 


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  3. Good video picks and well explained.

  4. The first four stages are amazing. Its the last one which really hurts.
    But uve described them very well.
    'You cannot really judge a person, who is in love if you never loved someone before.'- so true!

  5. @Ash:We all need to pass through these stages. Thanks for commenting.

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