No time to enjoy life


Just thought of writing a small poem. I hope you like it.

What happened to Me?

What has happened to me?
I never wanted an iPod or an LCD T.V..

I was just happy playing in the park with my friends,
Playing and laughing, and had no regrets.

Games lasted the whole day,
Cartoons were watched by me, for the whole of May.

Days were friends meant a lot to me,
Now money means a lot, still I am not happy.

I wanted to be an adult, and be somebody,
Now I working for somebody else and is known by nobody.

Bring back those days of nursery,
Where I used to get a chocolate or a sweet toffee.

I must leave this current state of unhappiness,
I will never live life without my friends.

I don't want to be a part of this rat race,
I want to take another route and run at my own pace.

                                                                  --Sundeep a.k.a. sjmach

I am not good at it like Ash,Wink or Sakhii••, but I felt it was worth a shot.


  1. Friends means a lot to us. We all really miss ur freinds and childhood days.

  2. @Chandrika : I agree with you.
    @Chocolate Lover : Thank you.

  3. Nicely said. Friends are my world too.

  4. work makes u think that way
    n yes u can step aside n let the rats race
    gives u peace n a whle lotaa comfort!


  5. cute and lovely .... gone days i miss them too

  6. @ Jaggu: We all need friends! No man is an Island.
    @ Aditi: I am really tired of the rat race. I am thinking of doing something different, still not decided what is it going to be.
    @ Sleeping Beauty: Can I call you Sucharita? I see you are a big fan of the Twilight Saga. Thanks for commenting.

  7. Hey!!!
    I wrote a poem on wanting to be a child once again!!
    Check it out :)
    Loved your poem!!!! ♥♥
    Nice Profile pik. I love Tom and Jerry :)

  8. @Juhi : Superb, you are really good at writing poems.

  9. who doesn't want an ipod n a LCD? :o

    hehe...good one dude! :)


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