God matter


I have never met God in my life. But does he / she really exist?

 Who is God?
1. An very holy old man in heaven
2. An Almighty Being
3. A Supernatural Force

Whoever he / she is, its powerful.

The existence of God was forced upon me. I was forced to go to church at a very young age. I always asked my parents where is God? I always got an answer, just believe.

So I believed
I went to the church regularly, which I do even today.
I go to temples and churches, an interest I developed at a very young age. All these places, were calm and had the holistic silence.


As I grew older, I studied the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita and the Qur'an. I was shocked the amount of similarities these books had. They all preached love to fellow human beings. I am not a scholar, but I know you really can't disagree with this one.

Let me think over this now. Does God really love us? If so why did he / she gives me so many problems. Do you give problems to those whom you love? We all do, don't we?

What God has given to each one of us is 'Free Will'.
The power to do want we want to do!
So I am responsible for what I do, not God. 

We human beings can think, create and empathize. Think of the power God has given us. If God has given us problems, we are also given enormous potential to face them.

I am not a holy man. But I know this the proof of the existence of God doesn't matter.
God lies inside each one of us, in our minds. Its just that we need to find that God matter in us to be happy forever.  


  1. "god matter" is an interesting phrase...u came up with it?

  2. @ blunt edges: I found it in some book I read. I see you like Calvin and Hobbes. I have an entire collection except the starting 5 strips of 1985.

  3. Interesting one!! :) I love Churches. They are so peaceful and warm. Love the feel of it! ♥

  4. I am a Hindu, while my Boyfriend is Christian..
    your post touched a very special chord in my heart..and made me think..
    If only everybody understood the oneness of religions like how u expressed so simply!


Thank you for reading.