A lonely Valentine Day


This Valentine's day is special.
No costly gifts will be given to someone else.
No romantic movies.
No greeting cards.
No seating in a corner of a beautiful lake.
No strolling like mad.
No phone calls saying I love You.
No one to say I love You.
No going to malls with someone you love.
No going to a beach and having a candle light dinner.
No no more attachment to someone.
No more Love .......................

If there are more like me, I would like to tell them HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from a broken heart.


  1. Hey no worries...so many people celebrate Valentines Day alone or in waiting for someone to come in their Life...It's a different kind of fun :)

  2. @ An Ordinary Gal: Yup it gives you a lot of independence.


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