The top 7 songs I love to hear again and again

I really love these songs. It is not a great compilation but I do hope you like it.

1. Viva La Vida -- Coldplay

I really like this song. It makes me feel really good. I always wondered what it would be like if I was a king. This song is a classic.

I am not a Coldplay  fan. But this song is just awesome.

2. Run this Town -- JayZ featuring Kanye West and Rihanna

This song is JayZ answers to silence the wannabe rappers. I like the lyrics and the music.

3. Miss Independent -- Neyo

A gem of a song, it makes me tap my feet and dance. I do want a girl who is independent and can think for herself.

4. Beat It -- Michael Jackson

A superb song from Michael Jackson. I really like to remember him as an artist who created reinvented the music industry. Thanks MJ.

5. Loose Yourself -- Eminem

Whenever things look pretty difficult, this song rescues me. There is nothing called cakewalk in life. It is difficult, but we can learn to enjoy it.

6. Into the Wild OST -- Eddie Vedder

We sometimes find ourselves in unrealistic problems and limitations. On questioning further, we will find they are hardly that difficult. We can do whatever we want, we just need that extra push.

7. White Flag -- Dido

Maybe I still love her or maybe I don't. But life moves on. This song reminds me of all the happy memories I had with her.


  1. I love Miss independent :) And Eminem is my all time favourite! Heard Beautiful by Eminem?

  2. @Wink: I heard beautiful. It has cool lyrics, but is a sad song. People still talk crap about Eminem, critics are still bad to him.

  3. Whatever. I love him!! Seen 8 mile??
    Yea, I'm studying!!! :)

  4. @Wink: I have not seen the movie. But I hear its good. You should be studying Ladki. Its the board exams. These exams are important!!


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