Kartik calling Kartik

I am not a big fan of Hindi movies. I really don't like Farhan Akhtar or Deepika Padukone. But what do you do on a boring Sunday?

So I went for the movie Kartik calling Kartik, with friends. The same friends with whom i went for movies like Honeymoon Travels (Mind F***), DeV D (I still don't why) and other senti movies which I am really ashamed to talk about.


Kartik is a big loser. His job sucks and he loves the perfect girl Deepika who doesn't seem to notice he exists. He is about to kill himself when he receives a call from himself.

The subsequent calls from the so called himself changes his life for good. He gets the money and the girl. However everything changes when he disobeys the other 'Kartik'.


The acting was OK, not an Oscar performance. Deepika got to show off cool new beautiful dresses and she looks good. Maybe half the crowd came for her or Farhan and not for the movie.


Go to see the movie, if you want to see something different. Don't go alone!
The best option is to see it on T.V, in a few months time.


  1. nice conclusion:)
    i heard d same kinda review!!

  2. haha..nice review...I dont think i'll be watching the movie now! :P

  3. @Sakhii: Thank you but I had to go!!
    @Ash: If u see it later and like it, you will blame me!!

  4. hehehe nice but do you know
    you were awarded on my blog o_O
    check it out

  5. @Chocolate Lover: Thank you so much!!!

  6. pretty brief n to-the-point review that! even i heard the same kinda stuff about the movie

  7. I was going to watch it but didnt :) I like the songs though!

  8. Nice review of K calling K.
    Enjoyed reading post! :)

  9. conclusion :)
    i'll watch it on tv!! :P :)


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