Peddling back to Life

I got my first bicycle when I was 1 year old. I don't remember what I did with it.But looking back at pictures, I guess I was happy.

I then got my second bicycle in the ninth standard. I was so happy riding it. I had so many adventures and accidents. Just sitting on the bicycle made me happy.

After I went to college I ignored it  completely.
It got rusted and I was to blame.

We go after things and once we get them we ignore them. We go after new ones!! Forget the old.

I am going to repair my bicycle again!!


  1. @Blunt Edges: Thanks dude..
    @Ira: Thank you so much. Glad you are back after so many months, missed reading your blog!!

  2. :) I liked the last line of the post. :)

  3. @Chandrika Shubham: I got it fixed!!

  4. a step ahead of in 9th grade n this one z my 3rd!!

  5. :)
    I had only one bicycle all my life..
    after a lot of begging an pleading (and trying to get GOOD marks in final exams :P )I got a cycle in 8th std :) rode on it for a few years and then got fed up of repairing it every other week :P I'd manage to get it punctured every now n then :)


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