Wandering Soul

I have always wondered what exactly what I want to do in my life…. Sometimes there were no answers and sometimes they were much more than what I could do in a single life. Sometimes I wanted to settle down, not exactly now but yeah after some years and there are times when I want to fly like free bird, no boundaries to restrain me and hold me back.

 I would just wander around like a gypsy with no permanent destination but yeah endless temporary ones. Travel around the world, eat exotic food and meet many new people and make many new friends without hurrying up through any of these things.

Life isnt fair, it never has been. You can’t live a life of a free soul. Its more expensive than living a life of a rich. It’s easier to get things than to lose them forever. You can’t turn your back to worldly possessions so easily; it’s harder than u ever imagined. Everyone wants to have a family with all comforts around them, who would want to choose a life of a monk? See I told u, its difficult than being rich. Losing is always difficult.

Coming back to where I started what I wish to do in my life, well honestly I want to be a monk. Free from all relationships which bind you to live a life of a slave in this materialistic world. No, matter how much you work, it’s never enough and will never be. The greediness will always be there to pull me back to this world where I would populate it more, slog to get a dream house, compromise to build a happy family; just to leave them all behind when I die.

Just one question that keeps haunting me: why should I run behind things which I will eventually leave behind? Instead of making my life better, I should be working on soul rather. 

-- Contributed by a very close friend. Thanks again :)

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