A new friend

When you are going through a really difficult time, God somehow sends his angels to save you. I was getting through a really tough time, and I thought it was over. My mom said you should see a doctor. I was abusive and was in seriously trouble.

My friends said I had gone crazy. I was drinking too much and was going home late. I was like Kurt Cobain blaming the people who really cared for me. I was delusional and suicidal just like Vincent Van Gogh. It was difficult, never thought I could go through this. I even started smoking which I hate like anything.

Then one day, there is this new girl in office. She sits next to me. I felt that she was really mean because I smiled at her and she totally ignored me. You don't do that when you are new in office. Also there were rumors about her among the girls. I tend to find the weak link among girls and get all information.

As time passed, she became the most hated girl in office. She found friends. But I still didn't speak to her. I remember saying Good Morning to all except her. Wanted to see her reaction, but it didn't come. It made me hate her even more. I felt she was acting smart just because she was experienced.

 Then one day a common friend introduced her to me. She smiled maybe for the first time in office. Then we began to talk. I then said Good Morning to her and she replied with Yelloz. I never heard it before from someone.

As time went by, we talked and talked more. Found out she was my age and felt she was really nice. She has the most wonderful eyes, hair and the thing she does :P.

I told her everything and she listened to each and every bit patiently. I know I am boring but she never showed it. At times she advised me as having experienced, someone who I never had, an adult who I can talk to.
I was amazed at her reasoning skills.

She also slapped me so many times (Chataak). But not with malicious intent. I make her angry sometimes, but know she won't stay angry long.

I owe a big thank you to her, she was the one who saved me from going insane. I left all my bad habits, few still remain, but I am working on it.

I must be really important to God, then why would he sent his angel to save me from darkness?
Thank you friend, I couldn't say this to you in person, you might feel I am a cry baby.
But I am thankful to you each and every day my new friend.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    Nice pic. :)

    Good friends are real treasures.

  2. I always visit your blog, I have subscribed to your blog feed. Good friends are hard to find these days.


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