And what is it again?

A time to reflect what is going on in my life.

The few months I have found new friends and have recovered from a personal loss. Found out alcohol was not meant for me and little things that really matter.

Also found new focus on my health and personal hygiene. Thankfully there are people around me who are ready to beat me up and point out the small mistakes.

The thing is why the hell I am so ambitious? Why I am not content with my life. I have a friend who is always content and happy.

I don't know why but I always end up fighting with her and making her angry. I don't want to act like this. Am I jealous or do I envy her? I have thought about it and will restrain myself from arguing with her.
It is so hilarious whenever she is happy I am sad and vice versa.

Strangely people from my past have slowly emerged from the shadows. Found someone to like.

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  1. We always have encounters with the people we leave behind in the past.
    Stay strong :)


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