Just Random

M:How do I make out that she loves me?
Y:Does she like you?

M:Yes she does..
Y: How do you know that?

M: Well a girl who likes you will show some signs.
Y: And these signs, can't you identify love signs?

M: Look I have already taken a heartache, so I am just scared to commit.
Y: But you can't be scared your whole life just because of one incident.

M: Hmm, but what if she just likes me and if I said anything to her, I might lose a friend.
Y: Think now what is important. Do you really love her? It can also be an infatuation you see. First get to know her and then fall in love. You have just met, give it some time.

M: What if she is seeing somebody ease?
Y: You have to find that out first.

M: Why this is so complicated?
Y: The stone age was better, when you just had to fight for the girl you want and hit her on the head.

M: Dude try that on the modern gal and you will be screwed for life.
Y: I agree. Just listen to her. Don't be her best friend, or else she would never fall for you.


  1. Sometimes, girls do fall for their best(boy) friend! it's just they take time to realize :)

  2. Then when will this happen to me? Its strike two and still no love found...:0


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